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Metaverse, Something That We All Will Experience In The Nearest Future!

AtomUniverse | Do you ever think about what lies in the future? Far in the future, beyond that we can imagine. Right now, if we think about Metaverse, something that we all will experience in the nearest future, how will you react? Come and join us to discuss further about Metaverse here.

Original Date Post : 24 Sep 2021

Metaverse, Another World, Parallel Universe - Atom Universe

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is artificial universe, parallel universe, multiverses.

We think that is the best and simplest explanation about what will be experienced by us in the nearest future.

Something that has been discussed from many years ago, and still a hot topic to discuss.

How Metaverse Looks Like?

If you wondering how metaverse looks like in the future, you can imagine like you are living in another world where you can do anything you want.

Metaverse has many interpretations from different sources, but we know, all those descriptions about Metaverse are the same.

All refer to “another world”, world that really different from the world that we living in right now.

Atom Universe is “Metaverse”

Similar to what most people think about Metaverse, but a little bit different from their perspective.

We, in Atom Universe, what we do are to make sure that people aware of this world transition and feel the process to experience the metaverse in this very reality, slow but sure.

What we do right now, at least for now, are creating contents in form of 3D Arts and Blog.

Later, we are creating many things that you can imagine, but of course we are going to filter it based on what we (human) need, in order to make this world a better place.

Virtual World in form of a game, is one that we are developing right now. It just the matter of time until we actually publishing it, if needed.

We are observing this transition very careful, in order to not too much exposing wide range of assumptions and developments that led to misunderstanding and idea piracies.

It just that we know, some people are not good as we think they are. So we have to be careful to those kind of people.

But nevertheless, when we think we are ready to share something, we are gonna share it right away. And we always hoping that we do and share, inspired people to make this world a better place.

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